Peregrine Falcon Falco peregrinus

The Peregrine Falcons have a grey to bluish-black upper-parts with a black head. They are almost found anywhere in the world.

Peregrines hunts at dawn and dusk, when their prey is most active and require open spaces in order to hunt. They spot prey from a high perch or or from the air while flying. Peregrine Falcons kill their prey with their beak and usually pluck it before they eat it.

I have seen and photographed these birds along the cliffs of Dee Why where they breed and raise young. The juvenile birds are less colourful than the adults. One day we spotted the young birds and watched them while they were improving their hunting skills together by chasing each other.


When coming back from Bruny Island in November 2016, we stopped in Richmond to have a look at some Tasmanian Peregrine Falcons there. I have added the photos taken there to this album. Thanks to Nick for showing us the birds and the interesting info about these birds.

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