Queensland 2018 - South-east and north-west corners.

When we decided to travel on the occasion of Hanna's birthday in July, it became pretty quickly clear that Queensland would be the general target. After weighing the options we decided to start around Brisbane and see Matt Wright from Faunagraphic for some night (Owl) birding before we would continue to Mt Isa, visiting the north-west part of Queensland, a place Hanna had never been to. The time with Matt has been fantastic and we saw some great birds - we had nothing else expected from Matt!

In Mt. Isa we met with Biggles and Tonia from Inala Nature Tours two very good friends for a combined birding and fossil trip.

We birded around Mt Isa for a few days before we started our round trip: Mt Isa, Boulia, Winton, Lark Quarry, Winton Hughenden, Richmond and back to Mt. Isa. Having the great company I have mentioned it was an outstanding and enjoyable trip with a number of great birds and interesting places to see.

Enjoy the photos and if you like, feel free to provide comments via the Contact page!