Inala / Hobart 2016/17

We had booked this trip already early 2016, well ahead of time, and how good has this trip been! Hanna and I have come back totally relaxed and we have seen some extraordinary birds. It all started early on the 23rd of December with seeing a Lewin's Rail. I knew since years that they were there, but had not managed to see one. All different this year. The weather was right, the tide low in the evening and almost no wind. At first the bird was hiding at the reed's edge, but then decided to come out fully into the open. We chased the Morepork on the whole island and finally giving up on it. My attempts to find it at Inala was not really fully hearted, but what a surprise when I finally found it on the property! There were more really nice birds to be found as you can see when inspecting the album. We have also found more Eastern Quolls. It was great to see the Hooded Plovers fighting the problems of crowded beaches and unleashed dogs while raising their chicks. I admire the Bruny students looking after them!

The icing on the cake was a Tasmanian Masked Owl in a day roost. I feel privileged to have been able to see it.

Enjoy some of of my photos here!

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