Feldberger Seenplatte

Feldberger Seenplatte

Raptors and more at the Feldberger Seenplatte

After having been limited by Covid in where we could travel, we managed to visit the Feldberger Seenplatte in the eastern part of Germany during the summer 2020. We had to shift the date of travel due to Covid, which meant we were not there at the best time of the year to see all the birds we would have liked to see, but having said that the raptor photography has been pretty spectacular.

It was the first time I have used my Canon R5 in combination with the Rf 100-500 L in high speed mode, which allowed me to capture some nice sequences of Black and Red Kites (Schwarz- und Rotmilan) picking up fish from the water surface as well as a White-tailed Eagle (Seeadler) doing the same. Even a Grey Heron showed some fascinating moves while fishing.

A bird I was really keen to see, was the Lesser Spotted Eagle (Schreiadler). We spent some quality time with one of the less than a 100 breeding pairs left in Germany watching them from a special built hide. Hanna an I have spent hours there enjoying every second with the birds. Should you ever go there, get in touch with Fred Bollmann, he can certainly help you seeing all the birds I have mentioned.

Enjoy and if you like, feel free to provide comments via the Contact page!